Mary Mackey

Are Animals Immortal?

go away
stop reading this
it won’t do you any good
Os animais têm alma?
Nemésio asks
do animals have souls?

who the fuck cares?

the question is:
do you have one?
do I?
and no one knows

no one

all the tales of life after death 
are made up
no one has come back
ever   we won’t see
the people we loved again
try facing that at four
in the morning

You see
I warned you
this is doing you no good
turn on the television
play a computer game
get laid

Se têm
if they have souls
são imortais, não são?
animals are immortal, right?

if they have souls


I’m giving you 
one last chance
stop reading now
never think of this again
it doesn’t help me or you
or anyone 

it’s darkness  it’s silence
it’s nothing

this is not a poem
do not mistake it for one