Mary Mackey

I Went into the Jungle Seeking Hallucinations

I drank nothing   ate nothing
yet the fevers
made me prophetic

what is there to tell?

before the sun went out
and the giant monkey frogs 
began to trill 
I spoke in tongues
and danced with a dozen empty coke bottles
that whirled around my head
like auras of burnt sugar

as the stars uncoiled above me
my body became transparent
I held my own heart in my hand
and as it drummed
I tasted the future

after that? I can’t remember much
I dimly recall, the way you recall a waking dream,
that for hours I chewed on butterflies

once I panicked, ripped a hole in the air, and saw 
ecstatic monsters  copulating swans 
birds with human faces
that wept blood

for 40 years I breathed in nothing but ashes
nursed a snake at my breast
blinded myself with two broaches like Oedipus
and ate my own lips

and the worlds I saw
oh those worlds of the future
you do not want to know 
what they look like