Gertrude Stein

Chapter IV
from How Could They Marry Her

            It is remarkable that in an especial assignment two lots were divided. One with the 
reasoning faculty and one without. This meant that they were all obliged to bow when they were
together. They were not so very likely to be noticed. Not really more likely than their friends.
They were measured and indeed many people had it nevertheless clearly that certain simplicity is
contemplated. They were not surprising. We thought they were. We thought every one of them 
had some way of eliminating organization and really it would not be careless, it was by any such
stroke that they made mountains. They were either original or merely mercenary. If you were 
rich what would you do. You would spend money. How would you spend money. By being pale.
	    Anyway they smiled.
	    I don't seem to be interested in whether they have ambiguity. I don't doubt that they are 
not objecting to reflections. They seem to be obligatory. They have healthy hands. They are 
	    When I join pale ties with white top shoes and really splendid treasure, I am not feeble, I 
am gregarious. I mean to stay at home.
	    It is not very likely that louder horses snort. They have fellow houses and little low
shades. They make a thousand piles of pillows. They are each one of them earnest.
	    I am going certainly.
	    Please be seated.
	    What help will be given.
	    Help that is fanciful.
	    I do not wish to use the word fanciful.