Gertrude Stein

Chapter V
from How Could They Marry Her

              By the time everybody was perfect there was no farther. By that time it was a shock. It 
had been their habit to go about in their motor car. They saw the futility of leading an 
independent life.
	      It is not tantalizing to have a colour for the hair, it is not at all tantalizing, when it has 
              been explained. Take my hat off.
	      Do not be prepared to come.
	      They asked me about Spain. They asked me about a Spanish bed, they asked me about 
early customs. They asked me about their point of view. They asked me if I was inclined to 
agree. They asked me if I would prefer to bother. They asked me to be ready. They asked me why 
I was so cheerful. They did ask me about all the callers. They asked me to tell them about my 
life. They asked me if I ever knew any other way of traveling. they asked me if I was 
	      I can't describe a house. Beside that, he wouldn't give me a long lease. He said he was not 
certain if it would suit him. He said he felt inclined to try it. Anyway I decided to give up 
	      The reason that I decided to give up London was that I once said that he would be 
suffering. How was he suffering. Dear, dear.
	      He did.
	      The climax was reached.
	      There was no hustling.
	      She was his friend.
	      As we heard the story it was true that she was his friend. She had her room and her graces 
and she would absolutely not wear jewelry. She was pained by resemblance.
	      When we met her we found that she did wear jewelry, that she had an emerald, 
that she admired combinations of stones and that she was really puzzled by flowers.
	      To be puzzled by flowers is an illusion.
	      If one talks quickly one knows one is not perfect.
	      By that time terms are made and a good memory, well, a good memory is mentioned 
three times.
	      I cannot tell a consecutive story. I am particularly pleased by rages. We were going 
to have a white one.
	      When you dine with me you must eat chestnuts. If not rice and more than that you can 
have anything you care to have. I am easily pleased by anyone insisting. It is so restless to have a 
cross moment. No one can decline enough. I don't say that to stare. I don't really say it on my 
birthday. I say it when I feel like it, that is to say, when I feel inclined to dress.
	      I should be ordered about and I wouldn't pause I wouldn't pause to carry away all the 
circumstances. I should fail to propose a settled refusal. This is so easily done by anyone. Any 
refusal is for an evening.