Gertrude Stein

Chapter VII
from How Could They Marry Her

             In this chapter I am going to tell about how nearly captivity is not surprising. It comes 
with war. Someone who was totally not expecting to have any change of arbitration suddenly 
finds conversation as he had suspected advancing. Someone suddenly finds conversation 
advancing to the point that makes it possible to ask do you believe in refinement, do you hesitate 
for a word. Do you say that that you have a particle of violence. Do you discern features. Do you 
mend fans. That is playful. Do you mend fans.
	     No we just chat.
	     Now then this isn't at all what she describes. Not at all. She says that he is in prison, that 
he has always been very delightful about everything about eating and everything and while it is 
shocking it is a pity and there is nothing stupid about offering what one can.
	     She doesn't really discern yet and yet her imagination, her imagination is decidedly 
crumbling not crumbling for hunts. Not at all shadowed. It was a pleasant surprise.
	     Etta said that she, meaning another, was not going.
	     She said she was not going.
	     She meant to be careful.
	     I don't believe there was any reason for it.
	     I forgot I was speaking about war.