Gertrude Stein

Chapter VIII
from How Could They Marry Her

         How could she.
	 I wish to find an experienced nurse to leave immediately with our party for where the
Urgent Fund for Serbia wounded is establishing a base hospital under the Serbian Government.
Should this mission appeal to a nurse in Paris I would be glad to have her call at my address,
between ten and noon, or between three and five p.m.
	 I meant to put in that word. They went together. They went visiting. They stayed a
minute. They did not refuse to stay. That was imaginable.
	 Long calling, hours of annoyance, pleasant phrases, bitten curls, really actual places
and more than that, sombre fortunes, those together make anyone uneasy.
	 Could it be a mystery.
	 I ask you, could it be a mystery?
	 It could be a mystery.
	 I wonder if I have made a mistake. Could I by any chance have been wrong about it. 
Could there have been no occasion for freely destroying prestige.
	 Dear one.
	 I announce this.
	 We will not come by water.