The Stuffed Owl

Hors D’oeuvre

The beetle booms adown the glooms
    And bumps along the clumps.
                                            Author Unknown

The two divinest things that man has got,
A lovely woman in a rural spot.
                                                      Leigh Hunt

Why streams the life-blood from that female throat?
She sprinkled gravy on a guest’s new coat.
                                                        Author Unknown

My heart is in the grave with her—
     The family went abroad.
                                             Alexander Smith

Whene’er along the ivory disks are seen
The rapid traces of the dark gangrene,
When caries comes, with stealthy pace, to throw
Corrosive ink-spots on those banks of snow,
Brook no delay, ye trembling, suffering Fair,
But fly for refuge to the Dentist’s care.
                                            Solyman Brown, The Dentiad

Saliva, chyle, bile,
Pancreatic juice, serum, and phlegm,
There Adam lay supine—a well-shaped man.
                                            William Boyce,
                          Man’s First Estate on Earth