John Dowland

By a fountain where I lay,
     (All blessèd be that blessèd day!)
By the glimm’ring of the sun,
(O never be her shining done!)
       When I might see alone
       My true Love, fairest one!
              Love’s dear light!
              Love’s clear sight!
No world’s eyes can clearer see!
A fairer sight, none can be!

Fair with garlands all addrest,
(Was never Nymph more fairly blest!)
Blessèd in the highest degree,
(So may she ever blessèd be!)
       Came to this fountain near,
       With such a smiling cheer!
              Such a face,
              Such a grace!
Happy, happy eyes, that see
Such a heavenly sight as She!

Then I forthwith took my pipe,
Which I all fair and clean did wipe,
And upon a heavenly ground,
All in the grace of beauty found,
       Play’d this roundelay:
       “Welcome, fair Queen of May!
              Sing, sweet air!
              Welcome, Fair!
Welcome be the Shepherds’ Queen,
The glory of all our green!”