Silence Have Mercy

The Seven Prophecies and One Fancy of Mother Earth

Humans who drive cars shall be dragged by the hair through their sphincter.

Humans who sit in their idling cars staring at their moron-phone navels, 
shall be dragged by the hair into their sphincter and left there. 

Humans who believe that human-made machines are necessary shall be left 
naked and alone in a strip mine surrounded by a horde of famished jackals. 

A tsunami of fascism, with all its unspeakable cruelty and mind-numbing stupidity, 
shall sweep over all human society. 

The disappearance, in a geological blink of an eye, of all human-sustaining 
habitation, shall follow.

I shall then witness, for about 5 billion years, the miraculous evolution of all the 
other life forms existing on, in and over me. I’m especially going to keep my I on 
the octopus. A creature as intelligent and playfully intuitive as any biped, but a 
wee bit wiser since it has no compulsion to be such a fool as to make a tool.

Then, in 5 billion years or so, my fiery lover shall blow his top, and I, 
along with my brothers and sisters, shall join humanity as cosmic dust. 

Aearth    Awomen    Amen.