Mark Novak

They Tossed Me Out Of A Dungeon Bar

They tossed me out of a dungeon bar, just off of Bourbon Street.
Infractions of bondage, safety phrases, whipping the morays of the ill treated.
"Worst Dungeon Bar Ever!" I bellowed into the beefy, bouncer's chest.
"GO!" He replied, pointing me off into the night, directing drunken egress.

"And For What!?" I railed at all things stacked, rigged and meanly unjust.
In your black leather pants, the evening held so much potential for the two of us…
The drinks had flowed and the music throbbed and pulsed in a forbidden rage.
In the midst of the fog and strobe light it called to us; Evil Go-Go Dance Cage.

Pressed against my body, boldly bumping and grinding between the bars,
Deep in my knees she submits to my wills, and we lose all sense of who we are.
I am the dominant and she my submissive, as we spin in a centrific place,
She moulds to me like a cat, I ingest her pheromones in feel, smell and taste.

Delighted by our act, cameras came out, which violated a listed house rule,
But tables can turn, roles can be switched; when chained to what is kind and cruel. 
And as we groove and thrust, her internal Athena moves to topple my Zeus.
Shimmied up the bars the monkey, she flips and the power play is loosed.

Bones upon bones, shoulder blades on my nape, with her legs in the air.
Precarious, I cannot move and the bartender screams, "You're Out Of Here!"
And I rail my case to brain-dead brawn, of injustices we leather clad do meet...
Then, they tossed me out of a dungeon bar, -just off of Bourbon Street.