Harry Behn

Sandy Tin McCann

Billy asked his father,
Father said no,
Dogs in apartments
Simply don’t go.

Billy wasn’t happy
But Billy wasn’t sad,
He just got busy
With what he had.

He borrowed mother’s scissors
And a nice tin can
And cut and cut until he’d made
Sandy Tin McCann.

Sandy was supposed to be
A little scotty pup
With two ears crinkled down
Tail crinkled up.

But when Billy finished
And sicked him on the cat,
Sandy grumbled, Hoot Mon!
Just like that.

The trouble was that Sandy
Had set his mind to be
Anything, but not a dog,
No, not he!

Billy wasn’t too sad
When Sandy wouldn’t play,
He bandaged up his thumb,
Put the scissors away.

And left old Sandy
In the trash can, hooting,
While he went all alone
To Scotland, scooting.