Harry Behn

Undine’s Garden


I wonder what it might be like
    Under the sea?
I know, said little Undine, sighing
I know, I know, because I live
    Under the sea.

When I look up I see no sun,
    My silver sky

Shines back a topsy-turvy world
    In which am I
Till swans like feathery white-clouds
    Go floating by.

And then the ripples weave your sun
    Into my sea
In golden webs that sift and sparkle
    over me
And settle through a waving branch
    Of coral tree.

My colored leaves and vines are bright
    Beyond compare,
Shimmering bubbles grow like flowers
Drifting unopened as they float
    Up to the air.

And in and out like flying birds
    Little fish
Go nibbling at the swaying vines,
    They dart and swish
Silent in my garden—song
    Is my one wish!