Harry Behn


A rake, a coat, a meadow, a mill,

A cake, a boat, a house on a hill,
A kite, a spade, and a ball of string,
A wind in the leaves, and the songbirds sing—
    It’s Spring!
We’re outdoors coloring
Every bright beautiful wonderful thing.

Under a lilac bush we’ve made
A studio with walls of shade,
And in our painting books we spread
Pools of yellow, blue, and red—
Though it doesn’t matter
Terribly much unless we spatter.

Green and red, and there’s a tree
With apples and cherries, and here’s a sea
With a wave and a sky and a gull in flight,
And this is the sun splashing light—
    It’s Spring!
We’re coloring, and all the birds sing
Of every bright beautiful wonderful thing!