Lorine Niedecker

Will You Write Me a Christmas Poem?

Will I!

The mad stimulus of Gay Gaunt Day
meet to put holly on a tree
and trim green bells
and trim green bells

Now candles come to faces.
You are wrong to-day
You are wrong to-day,
my dear. My dear ---

One translucent morning
in the development of winter
one fog to move a city backward ---
Backward, backwards, backward!

You see the objects and the movable fingers,
Candy dripping from branches,
Horoscopes of summer
and you don’t have Christmas ultimately ---
Ultima Thule ultimately!

Spreads and whimpets
Good to the cherry drops,
Whom for a splendor
Whom for a splendor

I’m going off the paper I’m going off the pap-

Send two birds out
Send two birds out
And carol them in,
Cookies go round.

What a scandal is Christmas,
What a scandle Christmas is,
a red stick-up
to a lily.

You flagellate my woes, you flagellate,
I interpret yours,
holly is a care divine,
             holly is a care divine.

and where are we all from here.
Drink for there is nothing else to do
but pray, 
And where are we all from here.

Throw out the ribbons
and tie your people in
All spans dissever
once the New Year opens
and snow derides
a doorway,
its spasms dissever.

All spans dissever,
Wherefore we, for instance, recuperate
no grief to modulate
no grief to modulate
Wherefore we, Free instance

The Christmas cacophony
one word to another,
sound of gilt trailing the world
slippers to presume,
postludes, homicles, sweet tenses
imbecile and corrupt, ---
     failing the whirled, trailing the whirlled

This great eventual heyday
to plenty the hour thereof,
Heyday! Hey-day! Hey-day!

I fade the color of my wine
that an afternoon might live
foiled with the shine and brittle
I fade the color of my wine

Harmony in Egypt,
representative birthday.
Christ what a destiny
What a destiny’s Christ’s, Christ

spoken = Shelley Lynn Johnson