Marianne Moore



to a point, conserving everything, this carrot is predestined to be thick. 
The world is

but a circumstance, a mis
erable corn-patch for its feet. With ambition, imagination, outgrowth,


with everything crammed belligerent ly inside itself, its fibres breed mon 

a tail-like, wedge-shaped engine with the secret of expansion, fused with 
intensive heat to the color of the set
ting sun and

stiff. For the man in the straw hat, stand ing still and turning to look back 
at it
as much as

to say my happiest moment has
been funereal in comparison with this, 
the con ditions of life pre

slavery to be easy and freedom hard. For it? Dismiss

agrarian lore; it tells him this:
that which it is impossible to force, it is impossible to hinder.