Theodore Roethke


O What’s the weather in a Beard?
It’s windy there, and rather weird,
And when you think the sky has cleared
    –Why, there is Dirty Dinky.

Suppose you walk out in a Storm,
With nothing on to keep you warm,
And then step barefoot on a Worm
    –Of course, it’s Dirty Dinky.

As I was crossing a hot hot Plain,
I saw a sight that caused me pain,
You asked me before, I’ll tell you again:
    -It looked like Dirty Dinky.

Last night you lay a-sleeping?
No! The room was thirty-five below;
The sheets and blankets turned to snow.
    –He’d got in: Dirty Dinky.

You’d better watch the things you do.
You’d better watch the things you do.
You’re part of him; he’s part of you
    –You may be Dirty Dinky.