Carl Sandburg

Evidence As to a She Devil

Socrates had a fool woman.
She ragged him, nagged him.
Her initial was X for Xantippe.
Socrates learned about women from her.
She was a shrew, a virago, a hell cat.
                      So they say.
What we know is what they say.
We do not know what Xantippe would reply
If asked, why did you rag and nag Socrates?
She might say he was lousy and bring evidence.
She might lie till we saw she was a regular liar.
She might show him as lazy, gabby, no provider.
Or she might hurl many furious useless words
Till she sounded like a leather-tongued scold.
We know only what they say.
                       We have not heard from Xantippe herself.