Dawn McGuire

Origami Cranes

Wake up, wake up!
Even now the tiny villages on stilts
are starting to tremble, the origami cranes
have fallen on their sides,
the boy’s robot has switched on
in the middle of the night and is making
a commotion on its back, little boots kicking in the air.
Still everyone sleeps, everything’s at risk—

Swimming out of the dream, pouring sweat,
throat parched, you throw off the flannel
and the fleece and wonder isn’t it enough
to manage this address? Without
having to save the whole damn coast?
But somewhere the Friend has said
when you find what you are seeking
you will be disturbed; anxious,
you will be struck with awe.
Then you can go in.

It’s true, the children are not children anymore
and what you could give the everyday, you gave.
Now you can throw away the lists.

When you tremble in your sleep,
when you feel the coastline shift,
it is the Bride and the Spirit
saying. Drink