Grace Paley

My Sister and my Grandson

I have been talking to my sister   she
may not know she’s been dust and ashes
for the last two years   I talk to her
nearly every day

I've been telling her about our new baby
who is serious   comical   busy   dark   my
sister   out of all the rubble and grit
that is now her   my sister mutters   what
about our old baby   he was smart   loving
so beautiful

yes yes I said   listen   just last week
he stopped at my hallway door   he saw
your small Turkish rug   he stared at it
he fell to his knees his arms wide   crying
Jeannie   oh my own auntie Jeannie

remembered   ah   her hard whisper came to me
thank you Grace   now speak to him tell him
he’s still my deepest love