Robinson Jeffers


August and laurelled have been content to speak for an age, 
and the ages that follow 
Respect them for that pious fidelity; 
But you have disfeatured time for timelessness. 
They had heroes for companions, beautiful youths to dream of, 
Women shed light down the great lines; 
But you have invoked the slime in the skull, 
The lymph in the vessels. They have shown men Gods like 
racial dreams, the woman's desire, 
The man's fear, the hawk-faced prophet's; but nothing 
Human seems happy at the feet of yours. 
Therefore though not forgotten, not loved, in gray old years 
in the evening leaning 
Over the gray stones of the tower-top, 
You shall be called heartless and blind; 
And watch new time answer old thought, not a face strange 
nor a pain astonishing; 
But you living be laired in the rock 
That sheds pleasure and pain like hailstones.