Sharon Olds

First Sex

(for J.)

I knew little, and what I knew 
I did not believe – they had lied to me 
so many times, so I just took it as it 
came, his naked body on the sheet, 
the tiny hairs curling on his legs like 
fine, gold shells, his sex 
harder and harder under my palm 
and yet not hard as a rock his face cocked 
back as if in terror, the sweat 
jumping out of his pores like sudden 
trails from the tiny snails when his knees 
locked with little clicks and under my 
hand he gathered and shook and the actual 
flood like milk came out of his body, I 
saw it glow on his belly, all they had 
said and more, I rubbed it into my 
hands like lotion, I signed on for the duration.

spoken = Linsay Rousseau