Roald Dahl

Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker
About Themselves

“I look and smell,” Aunt Sponge declared, “as lovely as a rose!”  
Just feast your eyes upon my face, observe my shapely nose! 
 Behold my heavenly silky locks! 
And if I take off both my socks 
You’ll see my dainty toes.”
“But don’t forget,” Aunt Spiker cried, “how much your tummy shows!”

Aunt Sponge went red. Aunt Spiker said, “My sweet, you cannot win,  
Behold MY gorgeous curvy shape, my teeth, my charming grin! 
Oh, beauteous me! How I adore 
My radiant looks! And please ignore 
The pimple on my chin.” 
“My dear old trout!” Aunt Sponge cried out, “You’re only bones and skin!”

“Such loveliness as I possess can only truly shine 
In Hollywood!” Aunt Sponge declared. “Oh, wouldn’t that be fine!  
I’d capture all the nations’ hearts! 
They’d give me all the leading parts! 
The stars would all resign!” 
“I think you’d make,” Aunt Spiker said, “a lovely Frankenstein.”