Roald Dahl

Pelican Songs

“Oh, how I wish
For a big fat fish!
I’m as hungry as ever could be!
A dish of fish is my only wish!
How far are we from the sea?”

“Has anyone seen a stale sardine
Or a bucket of rotten cod?
I’d eat the lot upon the spot,
I’m such a hungry bod!”

“You have nothing to fear!” cried the Pelican.

“And let me tell you why.
I have a very special beak!
A special beak have I!
You’ll never see a beak so fine,
I don’t care where you go.
There’s magic in this beak of mine!
Hop in and don’t say NO!”

“So I slide it away
For the rest of the day!
Even so, I’m still able to speak!
And wherever I’ve flown
It has always been known
As the Pelican’s Patented Beak!

“If I want to eat fish
(That’s my favourite dish)
All I do is I give it a tweak!
In the blink of an eye
Out it pops! And they cry,
“It’s the Pelican’s Patented Beak!”