Katharine Tynan

Mater Dei

She looked to east, she looked to west, 
Her eyes, unfathomable, mild, 
That saw both worlds, came home to rest,­ 
Home to her own sweet child.
God's golden head was at her breast. 

What need to look o'er land and sea? 
What could the winged ships bring to her? 
What gold or gems of price might be, 
Ivory or miniver, 
Since God Himself lay on her knee? 

What could th' intense blue heaven keep 
To draw her eyes and thoughts so high? 
All heaven was where her Boy did leap, 
Where her foot quietly 
Went rocking the dear God asleep. 

The angel folk fared up and down 
A Jacob's Ladder hung between 

Her quiet chamber and God's Town. 
She saw unawed, serene; 
Since God Himself played by her gown.