Carol Ann Duffy


I will be yours, be yours.
I'll walk on the moors,
with my spade.
Make me your bride.

I will be Brave, be brave.
I'll dig my own grave
and lie down.
Make me your own.

I will be good, be good. 
I'll sleep in my blankets of mud
till you kneel above.
Make me your love.

I'll stay forever, forever.
I'll wade in the river,
wearing my gown of stone.
make me the one.

I will obey, obey.
I'll float far away,
gargling my vows.
Make me your spouse.

I will say yes, say yes.
I'll sprawl in my dress
on my watery bed.
make me be wed.

I'll wear your ring, your ring.
I'll dance and I'll sing
in the flames.
make me your name.

I'll feel desire, desire.
I'll bloom in the fire.
I'll blush like a baby.
Make me your lady.

I’ll say I do, I do.
I'll be ash in a jar, for you
to scatter my life.
Make me your wife.