John Berryman

Dream Song 35: MLA

Hey, out there! -  assistant professors, full,
associates, - instructors - others   any  -
I have a sing to shay.
We are assembled here in the capital
city for Dull - and one professor's wife is Mary - 
at Christmastide, hey!

and all of you did theses or are doing
and the moral history of what we were up to
thrives in Sir Wilson's hands -
who I don't see here - only deals go screwing
some of you out, some up ” the chairmen too
are nervous, little friends ” 

a chairman's not a chairman, son, forever,
and hurts with his appointments; ha, but circle -
take my word for it - 
though maybe Frost is dying - around Mary;
forget your footnotes on the old gentleman;
dance around Mary.