John Berryman

Dream Song 53: He lay in the middle of the world, and twicht

He lay in the middle of the world, and twicht.
More Sparine for Pelides,
human (half) & down here as he is,
with probably insulting mail to open
and certainly unworthy words to hear
and his unforgivable memory.

 - I seldom go to films. They are too exciting,
said the Honourable Possum.
 - It takes me so long to read the 'paper,
said to me one day a novelist hot as a firecracker,
because I have to identify myself with everyone in it,
including the corpses, pal.'

Kierkegaard wanted a society, to refuse to read 'papers,
and that was not, friends, his worst idea.
Tiny Hardy, toward the end, refused to say anything, 
a programme adopted early on by long Housman,
and Gottfried Benn
said: - We are using our own skins for wallpaper and we cannot win.