Carol Ann Duffy

The Dummy

Balancing me with your hand up my back, listening 
to the voice you gave me croaking for truth, you keep 
me at it. Your lips don't move, but your eyes look 
desperate as hell. Ask me something difficult. 

Maybe we could sing together? Just teach me 
the right words, I learn fast. Don't stare like that. 
I'll start where you leave off. I can't tell you 
anything if you don't throw me a cue line. We're dying 

a death right here. Can you dance? No. I don't suppose 
you'd be doing this if you could dance. Right? Why do you 
keep me in that black box? I can ask questions too, 
you know. I can see that worries you. Tough. 

So funny things happen to everyone on the way to most places. 
Come on. You can do better than that, can't you?