Carol Ann Duffy

Jealous as Hell

Blind black shark swim in me,
move to possess. Slow stupid shape
grin in sea, suck inky on suspicions.
Swim grin suck, it clot my heart.

Big fish brooding in the water.
Bright bird buoyant in the sky.

Tail-shudder thrust wounded, it
ugly from imaginary pains. Bones
of contention rot in gut. Mouth open
shut open shut open. Hateshark coming.

Big fish smoulder for the slaughter.
Clever wings fly small bird high.

Evilbreath lurk at base of spine,
seethe sightless from heart to mind.
Devilteeth, sack of greed, reasonless.
It will kill. Swim grin suck.

Bird skim surface of the ocean.
Fish churn clumsy in the sea.

It wait in the gurgling dark.
Bad shark. Blue belly blubber
wanting bird. Sick with lust
it flick its great tail, it flick.

Freedom bird glide in its own motion.
Shark need nothing to be free.

It watch your every move.