Marie Howe

On Men, Their Bodies

One penis was very large and thick so when he put it inside me I really did 

say, Wow. One penis was uncircumcised, and I loved to grip the shaft and 

pull down so the head popped out like a little man. One penis was curved so 

I had to move in a different way. One penis was so friendly I was never afraid 

of it. One penis was so slender I was startled. One penis was blunt and short 

like a little pig. One penis couldn’t harden until he stuffed it soft inside me. 

One penis came as soon as I started to move. I’m so sorry, he said I have a 

problem, but I didn’t care. I loved that boy. One penis pressed against me hard 

almost every morning, but I got out of bed as if I hadn’t heard a word it had

 said. One penis was so dear to me I kissed it and kissed it even after I knew 

it had been with someone else. One penis I never saw, but my hand came to 

know it from the outside of his jeans. One penis loved the inside of my mouth 

so much it sang, it sputtered. One had a name. One was a mouse. One, he 

explained to me, had very very tiny crabs, so we couldn’t have sex for awhile. 

One was Orthodox and wouldn’t touch blood. One had a mole, a hard little 

dot just under the rim. One penis was extremely patient without making a big 

deal about it. One penis had a great sense of humor. One penis had herpes 

but I didn’t know that word yet. One was a battering ram. One was a drunk 

staggering lout, a bully. One slept inside me, comfortably at home.