I planted roses, but without you they were thorns.
I hatched peacock eggs. Snakes were inside.
Played the harp, sour music.
I went to the eighth heaven. It was the lowest hell.

I say what I think I should do.
                    You say Die.
I say my lamp’s oil has turned to water.
                    You say Die.
I say I burn like a moth in the candle.
                    of your face. You say Die.

Eyes. You say Keep them open.
Liver. You say Keep it working.
I mention the heart-center. You ask What is there?
Much love for you. Keep it for yourself.

Secrets try to enter our ears. Don’t prevent them.
Don’t hide your face. Don’t let us
be without music and wine. Don’t let us
breathe once without being where you are.