Conrad Aiken

Discordants II

My heart has become as hard as a city street,  
The horses trample upon it, it sings like iron,  
All day long and all night long they beat,  
They ring like the hooves of time. 

My heart has become as drab as a city park,  
The grass is worn with the feet of shameless lovers,  
A match is struck, there is kissing in the dark,  
The moon comes, pale with sleep. 

My heart is torn with the sound of raucous voices,  
They shout from the slums, from the streets, from the crowded places,  
And tunes from a hurdy-gurdy that coldly rejoices  
Shoot arrows into my heart. 

O my belovd, sleeping so far from me,
Walking alone in the sunlight, or in the blue moonlight,
Are you alive there, far across that sea,
Or were you only a dream?