Gertrude Stein


         No not that and peculiarly, if you push the reason of being middle sized into the
extreme little piece and you select actual endeavor, if you select actual endeavor, if you
select, actual endeavor, the notion of religion, the notion of religion and peculiarly notice
and peculiarly notice restless walk, if you peculiarly notice restless walk, if you 
peculiarly notice restless walk waiting, if you sanction meaning, if you represent 
recognized meadow pieces, if you furnish kites and horses, if you regulate traffic, 
if you mention other causes, all this does prejudice one against responsibility and lectures,
and lessons, it further notices mistakes.
         Poisons, Poisons are the means, minds are the means, old suns are the means, 
besides are the means. It is nugatory.
         Fishes. Fishes are the means.
         Did the war make you dash right in.
         Or series. I did not guess why the expected elongated angle made a particular 
shadow speck. I expect it did.
         I asked them about wash. They said washing. I cannot think that we can be 
         She went away and said that if I would not ask why there was a wedding of plain 
little pulled dahlias, she would not offer to cook.
         He used to borrow a bicycle.
         It isn't of much account anyhow. It was an enormous injustice. Excellent 
specimen. Reasonable readiness. All particulars.