Gertrude Stein

Chapter I
from How Could They Marry Her

        In a minute.
        I was glad.
        I was glad to be here.
        I do not mind.
        I do not mind the law. This is to say that I obey.
        It begins to please. I play after noon. Late.
        It begins to please me.
        I wrote that I had heard that the flowers were shown. They were pushing their way. 
I said also that I did not, that it did not matter. That I was glad that she was better. That 
we all felt that. That it is irregular. What. Serbia.
        Don't be mistaken.
        When I count less I make mistakes.
        I resolve to mend letters.
        We had a pledge.
        She was surprised. She did not expect that they would have ten thousands francs 
as yet. She was surprised. She was willing.
        Why was she willing.
        She wept they say.
        I don't believe it.
        I don't believe that.
        I believe in saying Harry is all well. Harry is all well. Harry is all well. Harry is all 
well Harry is. All well. I believe in saying Harry is all well. By this I mean that I believe 
in Serbia. This is too astonishing.
        Gradually there was melting. Of what. Of snow. Not to be wished for.
        By that time everybody was distinguished.
        By and by.
        I don't say idling.
        By ugly teasing.
        Very ugly calling.
        Very regular service.
        By this time.
        Now then.
        We hated everything.
        We were beside that perfect.
        We were reasonable.
        We were harsh.
        We were neglectful.
        We were persuaded.
        We were tender.
        We were tender.
        We were resentful.
        We were comfortable.
        We were very fairly curious.
        Then there was this question. Would we go if everybody went. Would we stay here 
or would we be equal. We would be wetter. We would equally be wondering. All of this 
made us clearly state that we wished to be strange. We were able to palace relatives and 
this was rational. Any one could say that there was vengeance.
        By this word.
        Not at all.
        Not easily.
        Not beside difficulties.
        Not by difficulty.
        Not with difficulties.
        By that noise. By really that noise. I don't see it. I do not see it. I do not care to see 
        When she came she asked if she might realise (spelling used in book) what it was 
to be boastful. She handled it tenderly.
        By that time everybody was pleading.
        I do not do.
        Nobody respects money.
        I really plead.
        Pray for me.
        Exactly questioned.
        I spread glasses.
        This is to see.
        By all means many make claims. Many have claims. Many are originally wise. 
Very many are peculiar. Very many have babies. Very many wash something. Very many 
wear all their clothes negligently. Very many are accustomed to a costume. Very many are 
particular about the order of dissipation. They prefer boiled mutton and really there is not 
much of deceiving them.
        Very many wear stockings that are beside all knitted. Very many do do these 
things. Very many are frequently annoyed.
        It was so strange to win.
        Everybody won.
        It was nearly customary.
        By noon a great many were grateful. I can understand it.
        By original questioning and by maintaining silence the prints distinguished 
themselves. They were readily seen. All causes. All are causes. All scenes are followed. 
Then there was an exclamation. Lanquid lights are beneath 
contempt. I believe in union for liberty.
        We are separated by ten times. They met and they were thankful. They meant to 
explain that and they were so searching in their glances that nobody was pale.
        What is happening.
        Not really that any more.
        Not by this means.
        I am able to be gracious.
        Please me.
        Call me.
        Have it.
        Sea lion.
        I do not mean to say another.