Mary Oliver

You Never Know Where
a Conversation Is
Going to Go

Said Ricky to me one day, “Why is it you
don’t have a tail?”

Well, I just don’t.  Maybe once upon a time
I had one, but not anymore.

“What happened? Did you have an accident?”

No, no. Things change. Sometimes. Over

“You mean, maybe sometime I won’t get a walk,
I won’t get dinner? I won’t get hugs? That’s
scary, plain scary.”

No, no, it takes a really long time. In
fact, some things change, over time, and
some don’t.

“Well, how do I know what’s what?”

Day by day, Ricky. You find out.
Has anything changed that troubles you?

“Actually, nothing.  I like everything a lot,
every day.”

Well, see? Just keep on liking things.
And praying.

“I don’t know anything about that.”

Yes you do. Every time you wake up and 
love your life and the world, you’re
praying, my dear boy. I’m sure of it.