Ezra Pound

Canto CVI

And was her daughter like that;
Black as Demeter’s gown,
                                         eyes, hair?
Dis’ bride, Queen over Phlegethon,
               girls faint as mist about her?
The strength of men is in grain.
NINE decrees, 8th essay, the Kuan

So slow is the rose to open.
A match flares in the eyes’ hearth,
                            then darkness
“Venice shawls from Demeter’s gown”
This Tzu could guide you in some things,
                                                                  but not hither,
How to govern is from the time of Kuan Chung
         but the cup of white gold at Patera
Helen’s breasts gave that.
                                        Ο Θεοσ
runs thru his zodiac,
               misnaming no Caledon,
not in memory,
                        in eternity
                                        and “as a wind’s breath
that changing its direction changeth its name”,
for the gold ligh of wheat surging upward
Persephone in the cotton-field
                granite next se wave
is for clarity
                deep waters reflecting all fire
nueva lumbre,
                        Earth, Air, Sea
                                                ine the flame’s barge
Over Amazon, Orinoco, great rivers.
“But for Kuan Chung we should still dress as barbarians.”
And if Antoninus got there, this was hidden
                  Kuan, hidden
Ad posteros urbem donat,
                                          coin’d Artemis
all goods light against coin-skill
if there be 400 mountains for copper ---
                under cinnabar you will find copper ---
river gold is from Ko Lu;
                                        price from XREIA;
Yao and Shun ruled by jade
         That the goddess turn crystal within her
This is grain rite
                Luigi in the hill path
                                         this is grain rite
near Enna, at Nyssa:
                                 Circe, Persephone
so different is sea from glen that
                                      the juniper is her holy bush
between the two pine trees, not Circe
               but Circe was like that
                     coming from the house of smoothe stone
“not know which god”
                                     nor could enter her eyes by probing
                the light blazed behind her
                                         nor was this from sunset.
Athene Pronoia,
                           in hypostasis
Helios, Perse: Circe
Zeus: Artemis out of Leto
Under wildwood
                           Help me to neede
By Circeo, the stone eyes looking seaward
                Nor could you enter her eyes by probing.
                      The temple shook with Apollo
As with leopards by mount’s edge,
                light blazed behind her;
                      trees open, their minds stand before them
As in Carrara is whiteness:
                Xoroi. At Sulmona are lion heads.
                       Gold light, in veined phylotaxis.
By hundred blue-gray over their rock-pool,
                 Or the king-wings in migration
                      And in thy mind beauty, O Artemis
Over asphodel, over broom-plant,
                faun’s ear a-level that blossom.
                       Yao and Shun ruled by jade.
Whuder ich maei lidhan
                                         helpe me to neede
the flowers are blessed against thunder bolt
                                         helpe me to neede.
That great acorn of light bulging outward,
               Aquileia, caffaris, caltha palistris,
                    ulex, that is gorse, herys arachnites;
Scrub oak climbs against cloud-wall ---
               three years peace, they had to get rid of him,
               --- violet, sea-green, and no name.
Circe’s were not, having fire behind them.
                  Buck stands under ash grove,
                        jasmine twines over capitols
                               Selena Arsinoe
So late did queens rise into heaven.
               At Zephyrium, July that was, at Zephyrium
                      The high admiral built there;
                “an Aeolian gave it, ex voto
                       Arsinoe Kupris.
                                At Miwo the moon’s axe is renewed
Selena, foam on the wave-swirl
                 Out of gold lights flooding the peristyle
                       Trees open in Paros,
                              White feet as Carrara’s whiteness
in Xoroi.
                 God’s eye art ‘ou.
                      The columns gleam as if cloisonné,
                             The sky is leaded with elm boughs.