John Betjeman

Hearts Together

How emerald the chalky depths
    Below the Dancing Ledge!
We pulled the jelly-fishes up
    And threw them in the hedge
That with its stones and sea-pink tufts
    Ran to the high cliff edge.

And lucky was the jelly-fish
    That melted in the sun
And poured its vitals on the turf
    In self-effacing fun,
Like us who in each other’s arms
    Were seed and soul in one.

O rational the happy bathe
    An hour before our tea,
When you were swimming breast-stroke, all
    Along the rocking sea
And, in between the waves, explain’d
    The Universe to me.

The Dorset sun stream’d on our limbs
    And scorch’d our hinder parts:
We gazed into the pebble beach
    And so discussed the arts,
O logical and happy we
    Emancipated hearts.