John Betjeman


I wonder whether you would make
A friend of Mrs. Kittiwake?
Colonel Kittiwake, it’s true,
Is not the sort of man for you.
I’ll tell you how to get to know
Their cozy little bungalow.
When sunset gilds the Surrey pines
The fam’ly usually dines.
So later, in the Surrey dark,
Make for Poonah Punkah Park,
And by the monument to Clive
You’ll come to Enniscorthy Drive,
Coolgreena is the last of all,
And mind the terrier when you call.

The drawing-room is done in pink,
The other rooms are mauve, I think,
So when you see electric light
Behind pink curtains it’s all right.
Knock gently, don’t disturb the maid,
She’s got to clear, and I’m afraid
That she is less inclined to take
The blame than Mrs. Kittiwake.