John Betjeman

The Flight from Bootle

Lonely in the Regent Palace,
    Sipping her “Banana Blush”,
Lilian lost sight of Alice
    In the honey-coloured rush.

Settled down at last from Bootle,
    Alice whispered, “Just a min,
While I pop upstairs and rootle
    For another safety pin.”

Dreamy from the band pavilion
    Drops of the Immortal Hour
Fell around the lonely Lilian
    Like an ineffectual shower.

Half an hour she sat and waited
    In the honey-coloured lounge
Till she with herself debated,
    “Time for me to go and scrounge!”

Time enough! or not enough time!
    Lilian, you wait in vain;
Alice will not have a rough time,
    Nor be quite the same again.