John Betjeman

Group Life: Letchworth

Tell me Pippididdledum,
    Tell me how the children are.
Working each for weal of all
    After what you said.
Barry's on the common far
    Pedalling the Kiddie Kar.
Ann has had a laxative
    And Alured is dead.
Sympathy is stencilling
    Her decorative leatherwork,
Wilfred's learned a folk-tune for
    The Morris Dancers' band.
I have my ex-Service man and
    Mamie's done a lino-cut.
And Charlie's in the kinderbank
    A-kicking up the sand.
Wittle-tittle, wittle-tittle
    Toodle-oddle ducky birds,
What a lot my dicky chicky
    Tiny tots have done.
Wouldn't it be jolly now,
    To take our Aertex panters off
And have a jolly tumble in
    The jolly, jolly sun?