Sujata Bhatt

My Dear Jungle

My Dear Jungle,

The safest place for you is in the greenhouse now. 
The animals have to stay in the zoo. 
The birds have their own cage
which is somewhere else, far away; 
and the snakes live in a snake house. 
I've sprayed the mosquitoes; 
there's no point in keeping them. 
I'm sorry the butterflies died too. 
It was an accident. 
Don't be sad. I'll visit you every other day. 
I'll wear my new tropical outfit, helmet and all. 
I'll bring biscuits and tea, Darjeeling, just for us. 
My dear jungle, please understand 
my love for you; how I need your jungly jungliness; 
Oh, how shall I live without your green, 
green rawness all over me?