Sujata Bhatt

Dorothy’s Summer Dream

Look, there’s Dorothy,
      you know, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
What is she doing here?
She’s back from school. Home for the summer.

She’s dreaming again
           and we can see her dreams.

Bluebells speak to her.

And there’s Socrates
urging her to stick with philosophy.

But her secret wish is to go to Africa.

Look at the mask guarding her - 
     is it from Mali?
It’s stronger than a guardian angel.

And what’s that over there - 
a flying saucer with aliens?
Oh, that’s reality again - 
cutting through her dream.
It’s one of these new rocket-satellites,
            a hybrid contraption.
It was her Aunt Em’s idea - 
she wanted to keep an eye on Dorothy.
Amazing, the gadgets we have nowadays.
By the way, they’re not aliens, they’re spies
dressed up as aliens.
The question is:
          where’s Toto?