Sujata Bhatt


Just when we think we have a grip on things,
Icarus falls out of the sky again.
Granted, the Morning Glory Pool
                  can be seductive -
but remember, it’s only bacteria in there,
bacteria giving you these beautiful colours.
We need a new strategy.
Maybe Icarus always wanted to swim - 
not fly. I mean, he’s a great diver.
Maybe he felt like a bee diving into glory.
I think you’ll understand.
Go ahead with your DNA analysis
but don’t believe for a second
that you’ll solve the unknown.
There are too many variables.
Have you heard? The ghosts are acting up
again. How do you explain this coat
Icarus has on? This heavy, black, long winter coat.
It was Akaky Akakyvich, no doubt.
Either way you look at it,
it was a sabotage.
Either Akaky didn’t want Icarus to win - 
or Icarus wanted more ballast for his dive
and Akaky was happy to oblige.
         How Icarus enjoyed the plunge -