Robert Bly

The Horse of Desire

“Yesterday I saw a face
That gave off light.”
I wrote that the first time
I saw you; now the lines
Written that morning
Are twenty years old.
What is it that
We see and don’t see?

When a horse swings
His head, how easily
His shoulders follow.
When the right thing happens,
The whole body knows.
The road covered with stones
Turns to a soft river
Moving among reeds.

I love you in those reeds,
And in the bass
Quickening there.
My love is in the demons
Gobbling the waters,
My desire in their swollen
Foreheads poking
Earthward out of the trees.

The bear between my legs
Has one eye only,
Which he offers
To God to see with.
The two beings belong with no
Eyes at all love you
With the slow persistent
Intensity of the blind.