Robert Bly

Going Out to Check the Ewes

    My friend, this body is food for the thousand dragons of the air,
each dragon light as a needle. This body loves us, and carries us
home from our hoeing.
    It is ancient, and full of the bales of sleep. In its vibrations the
sun rolls along under the earth; the spouts over the ocean curl into
our stomach. Water revolves, making spouts seen by skull eyes at
mid-ocean. This body of herbs and gopherwood, this blessing, this
is a lone ridge patrolled by water…I get up, morning is here. The
stars are still out; the back winter sky looms over the unborn lambs.
The barn is cold before dawn, the gates slow.
    This body longs for itself far out at sea, it floats in the black
heavens, it is a brilliant being, locked in the prison of human