Robert Bly

The Storyteller’s Way

It’s because the storytellers have been so faithful
That all these tales of infidelity come to light.
It’s the job of the faithful to evoke the unfaithful.

Our task is to eat sand, our task is to be sad,
Our task is to cook ashes, our task is to die.
The grasshopper’s way is the way of the faithful.

Even though you are a literalist, accept
The invitation to go to Pluto’s wedding.
Haven’t you learned yet that the stars are faithful?

For every planet, there are a million jellyfish
Shooting along who don’t know night from morning.
So is the sea full of the unfaithful or the faithful?

A storyteller has to remember every turn
Of language so that we all know the moment
When the King decides to betray the faithful.

My whole like makes clear that I am a prodigal
Who loves the violin most in the doubtful inns.
I am unfaithful even about being unfaithful.

for Gioia Timpanelli