Robert Bly

It’s Not to Worry

Don’t worry, friends. This night of drinking will not 
Keep you from your wedding. Each of us has been 
Sent out, as Hafez said, naked on the roads!

You’ve been putting sumptuous images in poems 
For years, hoping they will keep you warm, 
But they don’t. You’re still naked on the roads!

People used to believe that only the heavy drinkers 
Were badly dressed. Now all of us 
Are wandering around naked on the roads!

Some of our old teachers used to wear vests 
With gold chains and watch fobs. 
Now look At them: all of them are naked on the roads!

The wild Italians like St. Francis had a sense 
Of it—take a year off, get rid of your clothes, 
Pick up a stick and go naked on the roads!

Sometimes it’s good to fail and be stupid. 
If Hafez hadn’t been stupid, he wouldn’t have had 
The job of being naked on the roads!