Nikki Giovanni

Make Up

we make up our faces
for lots of reasons
to go to the movies
or some junior prom
to see ice hockey
or watch the Dodgers come home again

going to the grocery store
only requires lipstick
while a bridge game
can mean a quick trip
to the hairdresser for a touch up

i clean my make up
before going to bed
and if my mood is foul
i spray the sheets
with Ultra Ban

most faces are made up
before the public is faced
whether male female or child
it's always so appropriate
don'tcha know
to put a little mascara
around the eyes

we make up fantasies
to face life
we need to believe 
we are good on the job
or at least in the bed
we make up lies
to impress people
who are making up lies
to impress us
and if either took all
the make up off
life would not be
worth living

we make up excuses 
to say i’m sorry that
forgive me because
and after all didn’t i tell you

and i make up with you
because you aren’t strong
enough to reach out
to say
come home       I need you