Shel Silverstein

My Robot

I told my robot to do my biddin'.
He yawned and said, "You must be kiddin'."
I told my robot  to cook me a stew. 
He said, "I got better things to do."
I told my robot to sweep my shack.
He said, "You what me to strain my back?"
I told my robot to answer the phone.
He said, "I must make some calls of my own."
I told my robot brew me some tea.
He said,  "Why don't you make tea for me?"
I told my robot to boil me an egg.
He said,  "First - lemme hear you beg."
I told my robot, "There's a song you can play me."
He said, "How much are you going to pay me?"
So I sold that robot, 'cause I never knew
Exactly who belonged to who.