Shel Silverstein


I’m poison-tester-taster Tru.
I’m here to taste your food for you.
‘Cause you could die in half a minute
If there’s one drop of poison in it.
That lemonade to quench your thirst?
You’d better let me taste it first.
Mmm—it’s OK, but these boysenberries—
I’ll make sure they’re not poisonberries.
Mmm—no, they’re safe, but that burger might
Be deadly—mmm—no, it’s all right.
And now I’ll test your hot fudge sundae;
Let’s hope I’m not dead by Monday.
Mmm—it seem OK, but the poison could be
In the very last bite, so leave it for me.
Mmmm—well, it’s all safe and my job is through.
See how I risked my life for you?